CO2 Welding Machine

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General CO2 welding machines are mainly DC welding machines with high welding efficiency. This welding method is widely used and improved year by year.

The CO2 gas welding method has the characteristics of energy saving, high productivity, low cost, small deformation, good crack resistance, and omni-directional welding.

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Inverter CO2/MAG


WIM CO2 welding machine 210S

The MIG 210S welding machine is conducting a comprehensive study on the use of light industry and the automotive industry, so as to design a reliable machine that can meet the requirements of the industry.

CO2 Welding Machine 300FE

CO2 welding machine has a one-year warranty, low failure rate, low maintenance cost, save your cost, all series of product components are used in Europe, the United States, Japan, Taiwan.